Saturday, August 9, 2008

dinNer toGethEr,,huHu

few days ago if i not mistaken on 4th august,my friends and i make
a kind of surprise birthday party to malis,ekin,nana..its not
actually a birthday party but we were having dinner together
at a mean time,we made a surprise to them!!!

ahahaaa at that moment,its like ha?what?is it?huhu...actually,
birthday they all dah lepas..kire belated la,hee..celebrate
lambat sket,,sorry wat jela 3owang punye skaligus..;)

it shows that we're not forgot your birthday girls..
nadh n baiti xdak dlm pic ni coz nadh busy di dapo n baiti
took the pic,hee..anyway sorry for the late celebrate
and the cake huh!!!..mmmuaahkkssss~

new comer!! ",

hola!! im new in this..i always want to have my own blog and blogging during my leisure time..but time envy with me huh,hehe..actually i quite busy with classes,assignments,family,friends..student life,haha~u can call me diba or adib..cause that what my fellows call me..;D

saYs no tO gLobal waRmiNg!!!

To the environment, that is. Cheong Kamei finds out if swearing off meat will help save the wolrd!!
It's sad that going green had to be hip before people cared but as the cliche goes, it's better late then never. Still, in our bid to fight global warming, one major cause remains relatively unrecognised: Our meat-guzzling diet. A United Nations report states that livestock production accounts for the production of 9% carbon dioxide, 37% methane gases and 65% nitrogen dioxide. All in all, livestock is responsible for more greenhouse gases than the automobile industry! it also takes up 30% of ice-free, land-based parts of the world and one-third arable land is devoted to producing feed grain to sustain them.
With meat production set to double by 2050, our unsustainable methods of consuming livestock are either going to leave parts of the world starving while the rest deal with obesity and other helath issues, or leave our planet irreversibly ravaged. Both ways, we're,what do you say??

Thursday, August 7, 2008

faMiLy vaCatiOn

holiday with my families..we went to beijing,china..
we're hahaving fabulous time there..the most excited
moment is when we climbed the great wall of china..
it was amazing,even though we just climbed a part
of the great wall but still yeaaaah!!
one of the wonders of the world~

other places like tian an men, the forbidden city,
summer palace also great..aha we also go for
window shopping
but mostly shopping,haha...
i love the food+drinks~no ice,no sugar@less sugar,
fresh veges,
some food are spicy too, fresh fruits..
good for health huh!!!

well, have a nice holiday everyone!!!!!!!!~